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Where we eat: China Yuan strip malled by Wild Nothing

About a year ago my friends RB and EVB asked J-Fur and I to join them at China Yuan for dim sum. My reaction was predictable considering my experience with Chinese food consisted of take out fried rice in an interesting little box and fortune cookies. Outside I agreed and stated that it sounded like fun while inside I wondered what the heck dim sum […]


Rolled Pizza, Matt and Kim and the Hot Toddies

Rolled pizza always made sense to me, that’s how my grandfather used to eat it. He’d grab a slice, fold it in half and treat it like a calzone or turnover. It made for a neat little grease tunnel that exited right down his chin and onto his hands. Inspired by this memory, hot pockets and empanadas that I made a few weeks ago, I […]


Whoopies Pies and Stars: Responses to a Bet

Keeping in the time honored tradition of mayoral betting on sporting events with food (here is an article detailing the wager from the Stanley Cup Finals this year) I mentioned previously that my friend BH and I wagered whoopie pies on this years hockey championship. BH, being from Chicago, agreed that if the Flyers were victorious she would bake me carrot cake pies in Flyers […]


Food Pairing 101: What goes well with homemade granola?

Gainesville, Florida has left a lasting imprint on my life for a number of reasons (none of which involve the University of Florida). One of those reasons is a small, locally owned grocery store called Ward’s. At Ward’s the tofu is cheap, the fresh squeezed orange juice and bagels are cheaper and the granola flows like wine from bulk boxes. Any kind of granola flavor […]


Baked Goat Cheese Salad Dressed with the Drums and Carissa’s Wierd

There is an old adage that states “finders keepers, losers weepers.” Recently I exercised my finders rights when I entered an empty lounge and noticed an abandoned magazine sitting on the table. The magazine (Family Circle) featured a number of recipes that sounded delicious. I tried one last night, a baked goat cheese salad, and after just one bite I felt bad for the person […]


What’s Cooking with Alcoholic Faith Mission?

Sune Sølund and Thorben Seierø Jensen, two members from the Copenhagen band Alcoholic Faith Mission (first mentioned here), started playing together in 2006, while they were living in Brooklyn. Even though the idea for the band was bred in New York, it wasn’t until this year that the band actually had the opportunity to perform in the states. Recently I had the opportunity to correspond […]


Barbecued Cauliflower and Onion in a Pita coated with the Jackets and Static Jacks

Like its hot sauce brethren, bar-b-que sauce is unique in the condiment family because you can find hundreds of different varieties and recipes for it. Take this into consideration, when making barbecued cauliflower and onion in a pita one could decide to top it with Dancing Pigs, Sucklebusters, Insane Chicken, Crazy Uncle Jester’s Brush Fire BBQ or Fork N Halo (just to name a few). […]


Food Pairing 101: What goes well with a summery Fu*ked Up cover?

(picture by J-Fur) When I think about summer in Pennsylvania (because let’s face it, the weather in Florida makes it feel like a perpetual summer) I think long drives to the beach, the ding ding man, Katrina and the Waves, and root beer floats. I’m not a big fan of Katrina and the Waves, I find them slightly irritating, but “Walking on Sunshine” is 25 […]


Where we eat: Sweet Jane’s Candy Store

Somewhere amongst the trees and anti-abortion signs, on the outskirts of Ocala National Forest, lies Sweet Jane’s Candy Store. I was first called to the store by signs alongside the road claiming whoopie pies were nearby. I walked into the store shoeless (there is no time to put on shoes when whoopie pies are to be had). It was set up like one of those […]