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Artist’s Cookbook: Fruit Tea Smoothies Courtesy of the Wild Moccasins

(photo by Grant Hickey) Imagine rolling into Iowa to perform the last two days of a tour, knowing that you have a new album coming up (Skin Collision Past will bereleased May 21st) which will be followed by an American west coast romp (dates listed below). Now imagine these sunny thoughts are abruptly interrupted by a stupid bird. Such is the life of the Wild […]


Creamy Garlic Hummus Tahinied with Screaming Females

A few weeks ago I read the book Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall. The book profiles some of the worlds greatest athletes and what their secrets are for performing at such a high level. One section of the book profiles what these athletes eat (the suggestion is that in order to […]


Solar S’Mores with Carl Fox and Bitches with Wolves

Happy Earth Day! In my last post I talked about “cooking” with my class. I put cooking in quotes because most of the things we make are pretty basic, four ingredients or less. In that post I also mentioned how one of my favorite things to do for Earth Day is to make Solar S’Mores. Aside from eating the s’mores, my class’ favorite part of […]


Red Pesto Ravioli stuffed with The Crookes and Future Islands

Student 1: Mr. Branson, what is that? Me: Ravioli. Student 1: Ours never looks like that when we open the can. Student 2: Probably because his is vegetarian. Student 1: Oh. While most of my job as an elementary school teacher consists of teaching writing, reading, math, social studies and science I try to incorporate my love of cooking into the classroom. For St. Patrick’s […]


Eggplant Stackers layered with Earl Greyhound and We Fell to Earth

My friend BH sent me a picture of her dinner a month or so ago. It was beautiful pieces of breaded eggplant stacked on top of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. I received the email and downloaded the picture on my work computer. I’ve been using this computer a lot lately, finishing up projects at home, and every time I open it BH’s beautiful dinner stares […]


Potstickers with Edmame and Chili-Soy Dressing dipped in S and Tuung

The first time my father-in-law ate Edmame he shoved the whole thing in his mouth and wondered why J-Fur and I were “wasting” the cases. After chewing for what seemed an hour it finally dawned on him. A co-worker recently asked the same thing. I tried to compare it to peas, how you wouldn’t eat the shell of a pea, but it still didn’t seem […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with herMajesty

Named for a Freudian quote, working with a producer/wannabe shrink, and writing songs that explore the true nature of people, herMajesty invokes the dreamy state that could provide psychoanalysts with never-ending work. Think imagery like nutmeg in your hair, sawdust in your eyes and a dark canal at night interspersed in music that evokes the flights a pigeon might make over a fluorescent city bustling […]


French Apple Tart cored by the Apples in Stereo and Sweet Apples

It was brought to my attention, earlier this week, that I am eating nowhere near the amount of fruits per day that I should be being an active, thirty year old, male. I decided that this week I was going to make a concerted effort to eat three servings of fruit a day. Monday, in order to help me reach the goal, I baked an […]


Egg on Yo’ Face Mix: Friend Electric, Victoria and Jacob, Cloud Nothings, Fences, Chew Lips, Sometime, Teen Sheikhs, Meow Meow!, Thrushes and more…

Embarrassment? I think not. I’m talking the type of egg on your face where the chocolate eggs are so good that you can’t help but devour them in a way that leaves a trail on your lips or the egg drop soup tastes so divine that as your greedily lap it up it literally drops down your chin. Don’t even get me started on scrambled […]