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my sunrise

Baker’s Dozen: Interview with My Sunrise

I don’t usually base my opinion of a band on who their fans are. But when you have the utmost respect for a celebrity and a band counts them as a supporter I pay attention to it. Such is the case with My Sunrise. Paris Hilton loves them (and I love her). True story just look at their profile picture on Myspace. Joking aside, My […]


Thanksgiving Dinner and Avi Buffalo, Cold Cave, Oberhofer, We all have hooks for hands, Sissy Wish, Celebration, Brimstone Howl, Embrace Fire and more

J-Fur and I cooked a Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels yesterday. We made roasted cauliflower, colcannon, a lentil loaf, apple crisp, vegetarian stuffing and steamed asparagus, packed it up, and drove over to our friends Chris and Sarah’s house. Throw into the mix a turkey, squash casserole, cheese biscuits, salad and only five people in attendance, and you can see why there was a lot of […]


Avocados and Spicy Tofu Bowls fried in Carsick Cars, Brain Failure, Geeks and Chaniwa

I spent a lot of time watching television during the World Series (only to be disappointed in the end) and was surprised to see that almost every commercial break including some sort of plug for Hass Avocados. Never before had I seen the avocado pushed so much. Most of the time I’m immune to advertising, I know what the ploy is, but in this instance […]


Mistakes that Worked: Dried Fruit and Pumpkin Mistake Cakes with Say Hi

I try to teach the kids in my class that making mistakes is a way to discover answers or, in some cases, create things that didn’t exist previously. One of my favorite books to read when discussing this topic is Mistakes that Worked by Charlotte Foltz Jones. The book is all about inventions and ideas that weren’t purposeful, yet wound up helping society immensely (or […]

Grande Roses

What’s Cooking with the Grande Roses

It’s not easy for the Grande Roses (first appearing here) to make music. After all, the five members of the band (Goran-acoustic guitar/vocals, Johan – Guitar, Ekan -Guitar, Eb – Bass, and Emil – Drums) don’t live in the same city. As you can imagine, this makes practicing and touring difficult. Recently I had the opportunity to correspond with Goran and discuss this issue, as […]


Broccoli and Gruyere Gratin and Caprese Salad with Sleigh Bells, Darling New Neighbors and Duchess Says

A little over a year ago a cheese maker in Switzerland created a fresh batch of Gruyere cheese. Instead of rushing the cheese to market, it was put aside, in a cave of all places, and allowed to mingle with bacteria and the natural Swiss air. Eventually the cheese, ripe with its flavors of apple and pear, was shipped to the United States and delivered […]


A Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Solander

Imagine it. You are standing with a friend in a completely white room with an altar listening as the stereo belts out repeatedly “Just F***ing kill him.” That is what happened to Frederik Karlsson (the man behind Solander) and led him to record his own haunting version of the song which was track number two on our (Buffalo) Wing and a Prayer Mix. Recently I […]

let them eat pie

Let Them Eat Pie Mix: RADAID, katsen, drummer, melodics, mumford & sons, Ellie Goulding, Shad K, Tada Tata, Monotonix and more

Jean-Jacques Rousseau did not have me in mind when he wrote in his Confessions book “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche. J’achetai de la brioche.” This quote is generally translated as “Let them eat cake. I bought some cake (but in all actuality refers to brioche, a French egg bread). Cake is too rich for me, too much icing, not enough good stuff. I’ll take pie […]