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Halloween Fare with DK, AIH, Eat Skull, Band of Horses, Helloween, The Aquabats, Bats for Lashes, My Gold Mask, PGMG, The Unseen and more…

In honor of Autumn and Halloween I blended up a batch of pumpkin smoothie (recipe here). I followed the instructions verbatim and found the smoothie was not sweet at all. For a more pumpkin pie feel, I would dial the sugar up a notch. And what is Halloween without music. Below you will find MP3’s and videos for 17 songs that I will be enjoying […]


Spicy Stew Stuffed in a Pumpkin along with The Rifles and Lissie

With the unseasonably warm weather we have been having in Florida it should be no surprise to anyone that the pumpkin crop did not produce as early as it normally does. This caused some to go on a four hour long adventure to find a pumpkin patch (hello Eliza). Eventually the patch was found but the pumpkin purchased was not local, it had been shipped […]


Where we eat: Yoko’s with Pete and the Pirates, The Basiqs and Jeff the Brotherhood

Recently J-Fur went through a phase of eating out a lot. It wouldn’t have been a big deal except those were nights that she was supposed to cook. I was like the kitten batting the milk bowl waiting for something to be put into it. If memory serves me right I think I actually did fill it with milk (as in cereal). One of the […]


Vegetarian Osso Buco with Mushrooms, Asparagus and Penne: Washed down with Sian Alice Group, Baroness and the Protomen

The past few nights (while watching the Phillies pound the Dodgers) I caught the same commercial over and over again. I didn’t pay enough attention to know what product was being pimped but I do remember that the ad is based on numbers. Ridiculous numbers. Like the longest standing ovation was 90 minutes long (glad I wasn’t present for that). This weeks recipe of the […]

IMG_0493 (2)

From the Vault: Camp worthy Zucchini Grinders, Social D and the Black Eyed Snakes

I’m going to make this quick because the Phillies are about to take the field and I still haven’t run or finished my pumpkin stew. This weekend I went I camping in Ocala National Forest. I had a great time even though we forgot our tent poles, got rained on, and finally met the October air. The coolest part of the trip was that I […]


Salad Days: Apple Cran Walnut with Gorgonzola Dressing. Served with a Double Dagger.

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to climb trees. I always viewed it as a challenge to find a way to the top or at least get higher than anyone else. I spent the majority of my childhood climbing a walnut tree that grew in the backyard of my home. There are so many firsts associated with that tree. All of these firsts come […]


Getting Figgy with it: Pasta and Port O’Brien

A few years ago I was working as an on-air personality at the Revolution 103.7 in Chambersburg, PA. On Saturdays I host an all request show for six hours. Between answering phone calls and loading in music I would snack on fig newtons (or at least the cheap Shur Fine version of them). Those nights were my first experience with figs. A few days ago […]


Roasted Spanish Vegetable Sandwiches and Cinnamon (as in the Cinnamon Band)

My obsession over the last few weeks has been sandwiches. There’s just something to be said about two pieces of bread or a nice roll with a veggie filling inside. One of the sandwiches that I concocted recently was a Roasted Spanish Vegetable Sandwich. It was recently awarded recipe of the week. In the same vein as Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize victory (congratulations, by […]


Orange-Chocolate Flourless Cake baked into a Bitter Orange. Arranged by Salem, The Middle East, and Electric Tickle Machine

A few little known facts about Florida Oranges: *Florida citrus is typically 25 percent heavier than citrus grown outside the state *More than 90 percent of Florida oranges will be squeezed into juice. *Oranges grown on the south side of a tree will be sweeter than those grown on the north. *The earliest groves grew up around the sea ports of St. Augustine and Tampa […]