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Tofu Pad Thai: The Open Up and Bleeds, Broken Records, and Plug Plug

Nothing like the Thai Temple Pad Thai (except for they both have tofu, bean sprouts, and rice noodles) here is my version:  Pad Thai Tofu-Adapted from Whole Foods Market Recipe -1 package of rice noodles -3 Tbsp. of tamari -1 Tbsp. of fresh lime juice -3/4 Tbsp. of Agave Nectar -1/2 tsp. of red pepper flakes -2 Tbsp. Sesame Oil -2 cloves garlic -1 package […]

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Where we eat: Tampa Thai Temple, Saffron, Andy D. and Omo

Today is Sunday, a big day in the Tampa area. Sunday is the day that Tampa’s Thai Temple, Wat Mongkolratanaram, is open for business. Aside from offering worship opportunities in the Temple (remember to remove your shoes) the Wat Mongkolratanaram families have a lot of very cheap, traditional Thai food on sale. The food is unlike anything you would see in a Thai restaurant. Even […]


Dead Letter Circus, I Am Austin and a Potato, Leek and Feta Pie

Prior to my recent leek extravaganza the only thing I knew about the country of Wales was that all the people who live there look like vampires (dark hair, pale skin). I learned this from a clueless American girl who was flirting with some Welshmen on a bus back from Machu Picchu. Now I know that each year, on March 1st, the people of Wales […]


Prom Night 1985: Enjoying the Ride with Taco Bakes, Gremlin Cookies, My Gold Mask, Kim Carnes, The Drums and Diamond Rings

Happy Birthday Eliza! Eliza, my co-worker and friend, is the type of person to go all out on her birthday. Last year it was a week of festivities. This year she decided to condense her celebration into one evening, an 80’s prom. We would dress up, have dinner and appetizers at her house, and then head out to the beach front for some dancing fun. […]


Tailgating with Black-eyed peas and Kimchi, Casa Murilo, Ice Dwarf, Fait Accompli and Fair Ohs

Sunday was a big day for a lot of Americans. It marked the return of tailgating, body painting, wacky costumes, and obnoxious vitriol geared towards opposing teams. In short, NFL football was back. I’m not much for doing what everyone else is into, call it my having a mind of my own syndrome, so my tailgating would not consist of hamburgers and hot dogs, slabs […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with The Builders and the Butchers

I attended a funeral and a rock concert broke out. This is a small piece of Portland’s The Builders and the Butchers’ story. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Sollee (via email) as part of our Baker’s Dozen series on Write.Click.Cook.Listen. The Builders and the Butchers song “Barcelona” was the second track on September’s Meatball Grinder Mix. TB: Collectively you are The Builders […]


Tofu and Spinach Dumplings seasoned with Pesto, Black them Boots, Rain Machine and Los Campesinos

When I’m stressed out there are only two things that make me feel better; eating or Baoding Balls (also called Chinese Stress Balls). Not, until last weekend, had I ever been able to combine the two. I must thank Williams-Sonoma. It was their recipe for Ricotta and Spinach Dumplings with Pesto that gave me my idea. The dumplings, if shaped correctly would look exactly like […]


Fruits of Labor, Songs of Labor (Parts and Labor, Silversun Pickups, Grande Roses, the Pinkerton Thugs)

Happy Labor Day everyone, hope you are enjoying whatever it is that you are doing. I usually play soccer on labor day but this year I abstained in order to run a few miles in the hot Florida heat (ok, ok so I by passed the heat by running in the air-conditioned Florida gym). In my last post I suggested that at some point this […]


From the Vault: Cloudy with a chance of Vegetarian Meatball Subs and Deep Punk Cuts

The rain was pouring down super thick yesterday as J-Fur and I drove slowly to a meeting that, ironically enough, wasn’t until next week. Earlier in the day my class and I were discussing hard rain, food falling from the sky, and how this can transform their writing. I fully expected (hoped?) a nice veggie burger would fall and hit the windshield of my car. […]