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Meatball Grinder Mix

Meatball Grinder Mix: The Big Pink, Wavves, Omni Anti, These United States, The Points, Free Energy, Hesta Prynn, BLK JKS, Astrid Swan, and more

Somewhere in Boston, MA an Italian kid walks into the local sandwich shop and asks the clerk: “Kind sir, could I order a spuckie?” 2,450 Miles away in San Bernadino another kid walks into his local shop and inquires about purchasing a grinder. 1,843 Miles away in Southern Louisiana a third kid orders a Po-Boy. In other locales an oblong roll with meat, cheese, and/or […]


Devouring Apple Crepes from the Inside Out in the Key of Dead Man’s Bones and Bad Veins

Jean Girard: But you have forced me to do this. You are now mocking me and making me look ridiculous. Just say, “I love crepes.” Cal: “You know, just to put this in there, I had a whole mess of crepes this morning. They’re just like pancakes, maybe even better.” Ricky Bobby: “Wait, are they the really thin pancakes?” Cal: “Yeah.” Jean Girard: “Yes they […]


Pennsylvania: The Sweetest Place on Earth…music by Los Campesinos, Candy Claws, and Miike Snow/Lykke Li

Consider this the wrap up post to our recent trip through Chicago, DC and Pennsylvania. Like a good rollercoaster, it will go many places quickly. Please buckle up, keep your arms and hands inside the car at all times, and hold on. It has been years since J-Fur and I returned to PA, our childhood home, during the summer months. Usually when we visit the […]


The Parts and Labor of a Vegetarian Vindaloo

Recently I cornered some local hooligans and posed this question: what do Goan Curry, soccer, and the UK Singles Chart have in common? I was met with a number of blank stares before one of them answered “Nothing.” I told them to dig deeper. After a few moments of uneasy silence the smallest hooligan looked up and told me “Vindaloo.” I congratulated him with an […]

the bernedettes

Baker’s Dozen: Interview with The Bernadettes

This is the fourth installment of A Baker’s Dozen (and second this month), a series on Write.Click.Cook.Listen, in which I interview a Write.Click.Cook.Listen certified artist asking them thirteen questions. Recently I interviewed (via email) the godfather’s of “drunkpop,” The Bernadettes. Their song “Let’s Make Babies” appeared on our Is it in roux mix? TB: Who are the current members of The Bernadettes? The Bernadettes: Paolo […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Summer Cats

This is the third installment of A Baker’s Dozen, a series on Write.Click.Cook.Listen, in which I interview a Write.Click.Cook.Listen certified artist asking them thirteen questions. Recently I interviewed (via email) Hugh, a member of Summer Cats. Their song “Hey You, It’s Me (Oh My)” appeared on our Is it in roux mix? TB: What does the current lineup for the Summer Cats look like? Hugh […]


Dan Deacon’s Linguine de Versatile

As I sit at O’Hare airport waiting to catch a flight back to DC I find my thoughts returning to the Dan Deacon show last night at the Logan Square Auditourium. Simply put, it was amazing, like nothing I had ever seen before. The versatility that he displayed not only captured the feelings I have every time I listen to his latest album Bromst but […]


Psychological Profile of a Key Lime Pie, Lykke Li, and the Woodhands (who ruin my rhyme)

Psychologically speaking Key Lime Pies seem to exude a large amount of confidence, self-awareness, and charm. While this describes the dessert today, the pie hasn’t always been in this positive state of mind. Let’s take a look at the psychological travesties that Key Lime Pies have had to endure. To start with the Key Lime Pie was originally invented in the mid 1800’s, possibly by […]


Where we eat: Mazzaro’s Italian Market Celestial Bodies provided by Sunset Rubdown, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, and Rainbow Arabia

Tomorrow J-Fur and I leave for a week and a half mini trip that will take us to Chicago (for Lollapolooza and Dan Deacon), DC (for dinner), and Pennsylvania (for a wedding). Not wanting to leave any leftovers behind we decided to go out for dinner. This meant a visit to Mazzaro’s Italian Market. Mazzaro’s has everything you could wish for: freshly made pasta and […]