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Something missing mix: Athol Birnie, Burning Hearts, Firetop Mountain, A Camp, BBU, Club 8, New Roman Times, Hilltop Hoods, Eat Skull, Jay Reatard

I followed the recipe exactly putting in proper amounts and appropriate ingredients but the taste test told me there was something wrong. It was good, but not delicious. It required something else to push it to that level. For our cauliflower soup it was orzo and croutons, the lentil pasta lacked salt, the dessert buffet pie dough needed to be cooked longer. That’s what this […]


A Baker’s Dozen: Interview with You Say France and I Whistle

This is the first installment of A Baker’s Dozen, a new series on Write.Click.Cook.Listen, in which I interview a Write.Click.Cook.Listen certified artist asking them thirteen questions. Recently I interviewed (via email) a hilarious Swedish band called You Say France & I Whistle (their song When Lovers Die kicked off our June mix). TB: To start off, could you introduce the members of You Say France […]


Where we eat: Tampa’s Taco Bus, Pizzas, Das Racist and Wallpaper

Yesterday I visited one of Tampa’s finest late night food excursions, the Taco Bus. Open until four am, this old school bus turned taco joint shows that late night munchies do not have to be relieved by sub-par vittles. To start off, the manager on duty hooked J-Fur, Heed, and I up with a sample vegetarian creation he had come up with on his own. […]

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Pie in a Jar: Better than pie glass in the head.

Some things are better not being in a jar like Bonsai Kittens (all the rage in 2001, Bonsai Kittens were a hoax created by MIT students in which kittens were supposedly stuffed into ornamental jars and sold), botulism (a bacteria that can appear on fruits and vegetables during home canning if proper precautions aren’t taken) and anything detailed here. Other items like pickles, salsa, and […]


Tiger Mountain Peasant Bread: Asparagus Mushroom Bread Pudding served with a First Aid Kit

J-fur doesn’t do squishy textures in her food. Tofu has to be cooked long and hard, yogurt and pudding avoided completely, and eggs mixed in with something else so that they don’t resemble themselves anymore. That means anytime she leaves town I experiment. I grab raw hunks of tofu and stuff them down my throat, smear my face with yogurt, drop scrambled eggs into the […]


Camping with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hockey, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, MGMT, Phoenix, Drive-By Truckers, and Animal Collective (just to name a few)

Adjust your black frames, zip up your jumpsuits, pull your ironic trucker hats low enough to cover your eyes, put the PBR on ice, and let your old school pumas fell the fixed gear pedals beneath your feet. Its time to make the population of Manchester, Tennessee swell from a modest 8,000 to an enormous 100,000+. Its time for Bonnaroo. I am beginning my trek […]


Okra and the Welcome Wagon: Natural Male Contraceptives?

I had shown up to a gun fight armed with a swift kick in the groin or, more appropriately, I joined a tackle football game, and was the one on the bottom of the pile checking to see if my counterpart was really wearing his cup. This is the best way to describe the chili cook off I entered on the Friday before the Super […]