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Can you tell me what’s in this mix: You say France and I whistle, T!Katz, Ice Palace, NASA, Ida Maria, Art vs Science, Dan Deacon, and more

In his book, In Defense of Food (a short synopsis is here if you haven’t yet read it) Michael Pollan suggests that some of what we eat can no longer be considered food but more accurately “foodlike substances” because of the amount of science involved in creating them. Whatever the new trend in food intake, be it protein, omega 3’s, low carb, artificial sweeteners, or […]


2 For 1: Mother of All Grains Recipes and Lima Research Society

Let me stave off the cries of one trick pony before they begin. My recent obsession with quinoa are a result of three things: *I visited Peru last summer and ate a ton of it *I’ve been obsessed with New Jersey’s Lima Research Society for the past few weeks. Lima, the capital of Peru, naturally makes me think of my trip there, and I revert […]


Beating Like a Hammer (Open-Faced Tomato-Basil Sandwiches with Metric’s Help I’m Alive)

Imagine slicing open, what appeared to be a beautiful tomato, and finding it full of tiny moving creatures. That’s exactly what happened earlier this week while I was preparing tempeh BLT’s. Needless to say the BLT’s quickly became BS’s (bacon and spinach). So it was with great trepidation that I cut into my second batch of tomatoes in order to prepare this week’s recipe of […]


Like a splash of burning oil to the wrist mix: P.O.S, Leftover Crack, Lima Research Society, Pope Joan, Bloc Party, Arcade Fire, Lerkruka and more

Refrigerator problems and little patience often lead to avoidable wrist burns. I know this, yet I continue to follow the same pattern. Take out vegetables that are frozen solid (because our fridge does that), contemplate letting it thaw, decide I am too hungry to wait, drop the frozen veggies in the hot oil, watch the oil splatter, and curse that these two important substances don’t […]