Food Flavored Song: Wasabi Nut Nut Nut by Tirikilatops

Wasabi is nutty, pungent and herbal. It is also hot. Not the holy f*** my mouth is on fire type hot that traipses through salsa, a deeper burn one that leaves your mouth entirely and settles into the deep dark dankness of your sinus cavity. The same descriptors that convey the power of wasabi, could also be used to explain the music that avant garde South […]

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Listen: On the Avenue, Fire Fences, Life in Film and Creo

Staring at breakfast sandwiches can feel a bit laborious. Thanks to these tracks my four minutes flew by: Anyone who knows me and my listening habits know that a good mash up of hip-hop and indie rock will hit me right where it counts. Unfortunately the good in this genre is few and far between. On the Avenue is the latest pop/rock/hip-hop/alternative band to come […]


Cook: Aron Love Sausage Sandwich

Mandy Len Catron recently wrote an article for the New York Times about making someone fall in love with you. It was based on a study that Arthur Aron, noted psychologist, conducted two decades ago. According to Dr. Aron’s study, a series of 36 questions, each getting more and more personable, and a four minute stare into each other’s soul session is all it takes for two […]


Click: Vegan Spam, Foie Gras is Back on the Menu in California, Neo-Nazis Embrace The Vegan Diet, Fat Heaven Gets All Night of the Dead and Other Musings From This Week

I took a brief  (12 minute) hiatus from vegan bacon grease wrestling this week to scour the web. Here’s some of what I found: Happenings: Going Vegan: Mexican Gray Wolves Can Be Killed For Eating Too Many Deer and Elk Casa Diablo, the Vegan Strip Club in Portland, is Getting Sued Vegan eBook: For the Dairy Free College Kid California Foie Gras Ban is Overturned […]


Listen: The Wombats, Agnes Blue, Halcyon Drive and Baby Baby

Put together some bananas, strawberries, almond milk and sweet potatoes together and you’ve got a thick life saving serum. Some people refer to serums as a smoothies, but those people are whores to the jamba juice culture. Screw them. The same type of life saving serum can be made by blending the best of: The Wombats “Greek Tragedy” is anything but tragic (well except for the part where she “hits like […]


Drink: Sweet Potato, Banana and Strawberry Serum

The plump little fat kids have returned from their summertime adventure at weight loss camp and, thankfully, the regimen didn’t work. Florida’s strawberries are bigger, plumper and more out of shape than ever. This means that the next few weeks are going to be filled with gorging on anything (and everything) that mingles nicely with  one of nature’s fattest berries. Now I’m a morning smoothie kind […]


Food Flavored Artist: You Spin Me Round by Caffeine

Caffeine was a pop-punk band from London that was possibly poised to hit it big around the turn of the century. They were spending their nights grabbing the fattest asses and hanging out in the swankiest clubs with the likes of The Offspring, AFI, Rancid and Blink 182. By morning, these guys were high tailing it out of town leaving a trail of destruction (and […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Chickpea and Dumpling Stew?

For years I was dating this girl who, how should I put this nicely, was very plain looking. Nothing stood out about her except that she had an amazing ability to absolutely disappear in a crowd. On at least a half dozen occasions I had to page her in Wal-Mart when I was ready to leave.  The two of us had a decent time together. We […]


Where We Eat: Cafe Hey

Cafe Hey is the restaurant version of Pretty in Pink. It is my Andie Walsh. Inside the little shack, located right near 275 in West Tampa, a bevy of vegan coffee, baked goods, soups, salads, vegan sandwiches and breakfast items are slung together with ease. The restaurant walls are made of exposed brick that is worn and faded from years of sun exposure. These walls […]